It All Began With ...

In the early 90's,  Rusty purchased a bar of handmade soap.  It was wonderful, but it didn't last very long.  She thought "Maybe I can do this." She began by reading a book.   The result was much better, but not quite what she wanted.  She read some more...worked on a new recipe...tried again...and tried again.  The recipe evolved in tiny batches with careful notes.  The recipe we use today is the result of oddly enough, exactly one-hundred adjustments, additions, or amendments to our first recipe.
Rusty began selling handcrafted soap in July of 2007 at the Miles City Farmer's Market, and later that fall  took the soap to a gun show.  It has become known as"A Big Burley Bar of Soap,"  

I bought this soap company from Rusty in the Spring of 2018.  I feel so fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful product that is the result of so much time and effort.  Rusty has truly perfected this recipe!

Cabin Creek Market is a home based company located in rural central Montana.  I have several products and am also an artist.  The soap is a wonderful addition to my company. 

Each bar of soap is hand crafted with natural oils and packaged in a decorative box featuring artist Jim Daly.  All products are certified Made in Montana registered.

In 2022, I expanded my site to include my other passions.  Artwork, towels and gifts, including huckleberry products.

I hope you enjoy the products.  100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Teresa Walker-owner

The soap project began with the guidance, encouragement and assistance  from  expert soap crafter "Rusty" Kathy Beauchot, The Montana Soap Lady.

Each bar of soap is hand crafted. Soap batches may vary resulting in a one of a kind, unique charming bar of luxury soap. Each soap bar is hand packaged in a unique packaging featuring artist Jim Daly.

​Our products are Certified Made in Montana registered. 

I hope you enjoy our products.  100% product satisfaction guaranteed.